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Function entry

Function entry dialog window is used to define function-like parameters of simulation, such as blocking response or intermodulation rejection. This is how a function entry dialog box looks like:

A function parameter f may be:

  • constant - in this case the function always returns the same constant value,
  • user-defined - defined by a sequence of points (x, y=f(x)).

To enter a non-constant function, select User-defined item in the Type group box and enter the points defining the function in form of pairs (x, y=f(x)) in the function table:

  • To add a new pair, click on Add button. Pairs are then automatically sorted by increasing x value,
  • To suppress a pair, click on Delete button,
  • To symmetrize a function, click on Sym button, this results in generating for each existing pair (x, y) a symmetric counterpart (-x, y), if it doesn't already exist.

Note: the range of entered data depends on the type of defined parameter, therefore this should be carefully checked by the user. For example, for user-defined blocking function all entered values y=f(x) should be positive.

Import/export: click on the Load button to import a set of function values from a text file. This file must be formatted to contain one pair (x, y) per line, TAB separated. The other way around, press the Save button to export the current function table into a text file, e.g. for frequently used functions or for sharing with other users. Click on Cancel button to leave the dialogue without saving made changes.