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Installation Guide:

With administrative right

SEAMCAT is developed using Java which means it can run on any operating system. Start the SEAMCAT installation by clicking on the install link from

Note: First of all, make sure that you have administrator rights on your PC, i.e. the right to install programmes, before pressing the SEAMCAT installation link. If you can not have adminsitrative right, please see below a solution to run SEAMCAT from a USB stick.

During the first installation of SEAMCAT, you will be asked to select a directory where all SEAMCAT files will be located. This directory will be kept unchanged during later installation of updates.

The European Communication Office (ECO) provides 2 options for installating SEAMCAT:

  • Platform independant installation using Java Webstart technology (Windows XP SP2, Linux and MAC).

This Java Webstart option initiates the Live Web install procedure without the need for separately distributed installation files, whereas a copy of the application is automatically installed on to your PC directly from the Internet. Once SEAMCAT is installed over the Internet using the Java Webstart, it may be launched later and run autonomously on your PC. However, at each launch, SEAMCAT will check whether Internet connection is available and, if yes, it will automatically connect to to check whether newer version is available. This Live Web Update feature ensures that whenever working on Internet-connected computer, you will always run the latest possible version of SEAMCAT.

  • Offline installation for Microsoft Windows (Any Windows OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7).

With the offline installation option, SEAMCAT will NOT be automaticaly updated everytime it is connected to the internet, but this option is recommended if you experience problems with webstart on Windows.

You need java on your machine

For both installation options and prior to the installation of SEAMCAT, you need to have Java Runtime Environment (Java RTE) version 1.6 (at least) installed on your PC prior to installation of SEAMCAT. If the senses that there is no Java RTE installed on your PC, it will show you the link for Java installation, rather than SEAMCAT installation link. Alternatively, you may pre-install Java RTE from Sun Microsystems web site available freely at After installing Java on your PC and returning to, you should be able to see the link to install the most recent version of SEAMCAT.

Installation problem ?

In case installation of SEAMCAT was not successful: please make sure that the Firewall is not set to block installation of new programmes. You may need to ask advice of your IT administrator on these points. If the problem with installation persists, please contact the ECO describing the problem and supplying screen shots of any error messages displayed during installation.

Information on how to change the amount of memory available to SEAMCAT can be found here

Without administrative right

If you can not have administrative right, it is possible to run SEAMCAT from a USB stick. It is not elegant, but it works (only for Windows operating system).

Please read throught the following information on how to run SEAMCAT from a USB stick click

Activate the Java console

In some cases, SEAMCAT may throw an exception or experience a problem to load. It may due to some new Java version update, or some internal SEAMCAT issue. In order for us to help you fixing your problem. It is important that you are able to report as many information as possible. For this, it is useful to activate your java console (Note: this only work for the webstart). Below is an example how to get the java control panel (example with Windows XP).

You need to fetch your JAVA from the Control Panel

Then you need to select "show console" in the JAVA from the Control Panel

When it is activated, the next time you launch SEAMCAT (webstart), you will have the following console poping up. Copy paste the content of the console in your email.