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Library: Antenna elements

To create or modify a library element containing parameters of a particular antenna, select the Antennas command from the Library pull-down menu or directly with CTRL+SHIFT+A.

A list of existing pre-defined antennas (if you have not created any antennas before) will be selectable as shown in the picture below:

The command library are explained in the library overview

When adding a new antenna, you need to enter the name (unique identifier), description of the antenna as well as its technical parameters - peak gain and one or more radiation patterns, as necessary.

Note 1: You can quickly see the antenna pattern with mouse-over capability on top of the pattern button


Note 2: If none of the radiation patterns is checked, SEAMCAT will assume this being an omni-directional antenna.

Note 3: You can create an antenna from the workspace and export it to your library environment.