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Library: Receiver elements

To create or modify a library receiver element, select the Receivers command from the Library pull-down menu or directly with CTRL+SHIFT+R.

This activates the Receiver Library window which displays a list of existing receiver elements in the library. You will note that it is the same interface as in the workspace so that it is easy for you to fill. If you have not created previously a receiver, the list will contain only the DEFAULT receiver element:

The command library are explained in the library overview

The parameters of receiver are grouped in 5 different panels:

  • Receiver identification: to define receiver name (unique identifier), description.
  • Antenna pointing: It contains all information relative to the antenna other than the radiation pattern (Please read here more about antenna azimuth/elevation settings).
  • Antenna patterns identification: to define a specific antenna to be associated with that particular receiver. Note that you can select one of the existing antenna library elements or define completely new antenna parameters to be associated only with the given receiver.
  • Reception characteristics: to define the basic receiver features, such as bandwidth, sensitivity, blocking (selectivity) function, etc..
  • Interference criterion: to define the required minimum C/I and/or other interference criterion, as appropriate.

Note 1: You can quickly scroll up and down and see the differences in the receivers.

Note 2: You can create a receiver from the workspace and export it to your library environment