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STG (SEAMCAT Technical Group)

The daily maintenance of the project and the SEAMCAT software is entrusted to the European Communications Office (ECO).  STG(SEAMCAT Technical Group) acts as the supervising committee and source of technical expertise.

The STG provide technical support and development of SEAMCAT and his a project team (PT) under WG SE (Working Group Spectrum Engineering). The STG should liaise/contribute with all WGSE PTs and ECC PTs and ECC TGs to respond to their SEAMCAT needs and is also responsible for preparing the promotion of the SEAMCAT tool witin and outside the CEPT.

There exists 2 e-mailing reflectors:

  • The public SEAMCAT E-mail reflector disseminates useful information within the group of SEAMCAT users, such as user support messages, usage tips, information on updates and questions/answers from members of the group.
  • The public STG E-mail reflector is open to administration, industry and academia. The STG participants are not just users, but people who want to develop and contribute to the insides of SEAMCAT. Free JAVA development of the SEAMCAT source code is also possible.