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How to test your propagation model

You can test any of the built-in or plugin propagation model. You need to go under the menu item Tools / Test Internal Functions or directly with CTRL+SHIFT+M.

You will get the following dialog panel:

Next choose the propagation model that you want to test. If you choose one parameter as a distribution (for instance distance). The button generate & sort and show samples in x,y format is activated. You are then able to plot your results according to a sorted distance from min to max (i.e. not random).

You are able to compare 2 or more propagation models with this interface (for this you should only select one and only one parameter as a distribution). You can add or delete as many propagation model from the list on the left hand side as you want.

Finally click on Generate and show samples or generate & sort and show samples in x,y format(depending which one is active) to view the results. If no results are displayed, check the Java console for any error messages