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Implementation of ITU-R Rec. P.1546 propagation model

This is the point-to-area propagation loss model. There are two implementation of this recommendation in SEAMCAT (ITU-R Rec.P.1546-1 and ITU-R Rec.P.1546-4).

This recommendation replaced the original broadcasting propagation prediction curves given in recommendation ITU-R P.370. The adjusted P.1546 model is suitable for modelling propagation path loss in the broadcasting, land mobile and certain fixed services (e.g. those employing point-to-multipoint systems) in the frequency range 30 to 3 000 MHz and for the distance range 1 km to 1 000 km.

A few simplifications have been introduced for SEAMCAT implementation of the model:

  • Restriction to propagation over land paths only;
  • Flat terrain;
  • No negative antenna heights.

The detailed description of the implements P.1546 model is given in the attached PDF file (200 KB).