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WINNER propagation model plugin

Note: under testing by CEPT Administrations (Not yet approved by WGSE)


The WINNER (Wireless World Initiative New Radio) project is a European Union IST funded project. WINNER II is the phase 2 of this project (2005-2007).

The WINNER Propagation model (2-6 GHz) is a channel models for link level and system level simulations of short range and wide area wireless communication systems. The covered propagation scenarios are indoor small office, large indoor hall, indoor-to-outdoor, urban micro-cell, bad urban micro-cell, outdoor-to-indoor, stationary feeder, suburban macro-cell, urban macro-cell, rural macro-cell, and rural moving networks.

Information on the WINNER II interim channel models (D1.1.1 V1.1) can be found here.

Information on the WINNER II final channel models (D1.1.2 V1.2) can be found here.

(If you have comments they may be sent to STG ( ''SEAMCAT Technical Group'') or directly to Mr. Jean-Philippe Kermoal (kermoal@…) chairman of the STG.)


The source code (.java and .cpp files) and the plugin (.class files) are freely downloadable from here.

How to load the plugins

Load the .class file or the .jar file (to allow embeddement) on your SEAMCAT plugin folders (see plugin section with embeddement)

Usage of the plugins and testing

Testing/calibration made by the WINNER II consortium. Test results and information on the usage of the plugin in SEAMCAT can be found here.