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How to register to the wiki/tractool system?

A SEAMCAT Trac useraccount is only necessary for creating and updating tickets as well as updating some of the online manualpages. Viewing tickets does not require an account. Please contact seamcat @ for creating a useraccount.

How to login?

To login please click on the “login” option as shown below

How to view tickets?

When logged in, to view the existing ticket click on the “view tickets” option. By doing this you will have access to all active/closed tickets.

Note that there exists some categories made to ease you finding the ticket you want.

Quick search of a ticket

Also note that there is a quick search to find a ticket in the top right corner. You need to fill in the field with ticket number with the hash sign (#) like this:
This indicates the ticket 313. the strikethrough means that the ticket is closed.

The below example shows the result on the search for ticket #313. It shows that it has been fixed and closed.

How to create a ticket?

We recommend user to fill in the red higlighted part only.

Example on how to fill in a ticket

A good ticket should contain:

  • A clear and brief summary
  • Structured description (using bullets for instance)
  • Procedure for the developer/tester to reproduce the problem
  • Use graphics
  • Attached a SEAMCAT workspace to reproduce the problem if possible

The ticketing system allows you to attached any document:

  • Any text file (word, notepad etc…)
  • Powerpoint
  • SEAMCAT workspaces
  • Figures etc…

Trac tool also allows you to preview what you have written. It is recommended to always preview before creating a ticket.

Ticket #402 gives an example of a good ticket where structured comments are made with an indicationon how to reproduce the problem as well as attaching directly figures to the ticket.

Tips on how to edit a ticket: