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Simulation control settings

Simulation control settings are used to determine the running time of the Event Generation Engine of Seamcat. The control settings is accessible from the Simulation Control tab as shown below.

Number of events

You can control the number of event you want to simulate by updating the simulation control fields. By default, 20000 events will be generated (i.e. for generic). When you select CDMA or OFDMA as one system, you will be prompted to reduce the number of events.

Limit simulation time

In a normal operation, you just set the number of events in the first parameter field. However, if long simulation times are expected, one might start initial simulations by choosing the Limit simulation time option, and then entering the maximum allowed simulation time.

Run in debug mode

The final option, Run in debug mode is used for detailed check of the simulation process. When checked, SEAMCAT will generate a log file where all interim results of simulations will be stored for further inspection. The log file will be automatically stored in the sub-directory "Logfiles" of the main SEAMCAT directory. When this option is selected, the number of events will be automatically reduced to 5 events for the sake of limiting the size of log file. However, if the user would need more or less snapshots for inspection, the number of events could be manually increased or decreased to the desired number.

See a separate section of this help database for further details and settings of debugging function.