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Simulation workspace

SEAMCAT organises all its input and output information in a so called workspace, which may be seen both as operating environment for given study and as a container/file, storing:

  • simulation technical data, also known as simulation scenario containing all input data: Equipment parameters, placement, propagations settings, etc.
  • simulation control parameters: Number of events, debugging logging, etc.
  • simulation results : Event generation vectors, interference probability calculation, CDMA and OFDMA results].

A screen-shot of SEAMCAT graphical user interface with an active workspace is shown below:

Quick menu buttons

A quick menu buttons in the upper part of SEAMCAT interface window is available. The meaning of each button is shown in a tooltip whenever your mouse is moved over it. It may be seen also from the above picture that not all Quick menu buttons are active at all times. Inactive buttons are displayed dimmed. Such buttons become active only when their target object becomes selected or otherwise activated, e.g. the Stop simulation button is active only during the runnig of a simulation.

More about management of workspaces.