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Saving options in SEAMCAT

When you save the content of an active simulation workspace, i.e. the simulation scenario, it is stored in a special file with extension .sws. This is a SEAMCAT-specific file extension used to identify Seamcat Work Space files, which, as their name suggests, contain all input parameters making up the simulation workspace. This .sws format is equivalent to a .zip file (it can be opened by winzip (as of SEAMCAT-4 version) and contains up to 2 xml files, one is called scenario.xml, and the other one is called results.xml. These .xml files can be opened with your internet browser for instance)

If the workspace is saved after completion of simulation, also the results of the most recent simulation are stored in the .sws file. Once created, these .sws files may be later loaded into SEAMCAT (by process of Opening the workspace) in order to continue working with the relevant workspace/scenario, or they could be shared with other users as means of sharing experience or allowing cross-checking of simulation results.

You can save (CTRL+S) or save as your workspace by using the default option SEAMCAT Workspace Files. It will automatically append the .sws extension.