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Release to be tested

This page is dedicated to STG members who have the task to test any changes made to SEAMCAT before a new version is being release.

If you found bugs/error/enhancement please contact directly the ECO (seamcat _at_

This page is constently updated everytime a new fix is applied to the tested version.

3.2.x beta X - revX VERSION

A beta version is not an official version. It can be downloaded from

3.2.6 Beta1 was deployed on -Monday 16. January 2012 and is ready for testing (please note that if you find a bug in one ticket with status "fixed", it will be re-opened.)

NEW-#793introduction of News facility
ERROR-#815uniform density with WT is now functional
ERROR-#819Cell_ID indexes are now continuous (CDMA and OFDMA)
ERROR-#816Library: Network panel system layout not available
ENHANCEMENT-#699changed save dialog
ENHANCEMENT-#795Show information hint with icon in group title
Editorial-#818, #817, #795, #794 editorial to the tooltip + new icon

Former fixes


Before the version 3.2.5 was released the following fixes were tested:

3.2.5 Beta10

ERROR-#811entering a SEM line by line when ACLR is diplayed does not crash anymore
Enhancememt-#629 create and clean up short-cut
ERROR-#622 when manually stopping a simulation, there is no more popup message saying that the simulation will stop at the next event
ERROR-#740 when a CDMA simulation is manually stopped, both SEM (blue and red) curves are shown|
editorial-#715 ITU number were added to Spherical Diffraction and Free Space models
editorial-#713 typo: changing SNIR to SINR

3.2.5 Beta9

ERROR-#800The closing button has been moved away from the tab
ERROR-#805The ICE panel is know enabled again
ERROR-#799The double clik on a .sws file is working now
ERROR-#801closing a Tx library does not cause an exception anymore

3.2.5 Beta8

ERROR/enhancement-#548, #549, #547, #550, #505, Batch operation is now CDMA/OFDMA compatible
-#551, #529, #544, #552, #553, #554, #555 Batch
Enhancement--Starting the new display of SEAMCAT-4 (tabular approach for the workspace – tree folder removed, adding a welcome page, scroll bar added to the dialog panel, etc..)
ERROR-#768Antenna azimuth fixed (a negative angle in the azimuth input could cause an exception)
ERROR-#786Angle directivity incorrect with cellular module
Enhancement-#689Improve the logging of simulation with cellular module
ERROR-#792Propagation model artifact for d = 0km

3.2.5 Beta7

ERROR-#726 fixe of the "save all" button
ERROR-#728 casting CDMA error fixed
ERROR-#727 Corrected condition statement for the propagation model selection (pluginModel only)
ERROR-#547 Update input parameter list for traditional workspace; Victim link …
ERROR-#548 Make the workspace consistent when it is “newly created”

3.2.5 Beta6

ERROR-#723 selection of extended-hata SRD impossible
ERROR-#673 The naming of the interfering links in the translation mode are now in line with the name from the interfering dialog box
ERROR-#712 The dead- URL link on the official/beta product page have been updated
ERROR-#722 The UL and DL LLD in OFDMA are now updated automatically when selecting the link direction
ERROR-#566 When OFDMA (interferer) is selected some fields should be shadowed. This has been corrected
NEW-#553 The inside panel of batch dialog box can be resize.
NEW-#579 information on P1546-1 updated according to STG27 decision

3.2.5 Beta5
Various bugs:

NEW-#684 in SD model fix where diffraction loss is null if positive

3.2.5 Beta3
Various bugs:

NEW-#682 fix to allow C/I (SNIR) vector display with variable active …
ERROR-#684 correction and update of the Spherical Diffraction model (up …
ERROR-#213 background color and font for the histogram of the CR display
ERROR-#685 harmonize the distribution dialog box (user defined and stair …

3.2.5 Beta2

  • Enhancement: two new result vectors have been created in the OFDMA result panel to assess the SNIR of the victim system (ticket #682)
  • ERROR: due to the update of one the display components in SEAMCAT some of the output display of the BETA1 had a white background instead of grey-ish. It is fixed now and the display should be as before.
  • Enhancement: The “cellular structure” display has been enhanced so that now you can visualise which of the sector is the “reference cell” (see illustration below)

Various bugs:

NEW-#682 provide C/I (SNIR) vector in the OFDMA result panel (ref cell …
NEW-#213 background color and font for graphs fixed (dRSS, iRSS, CR, …
NEW-#681 "cellular structure" of the last snapshot to present correct …
NEW-#680 "Select CDMA system ..." replaced by "Select system ..."
NEW-#679 typo onthe GUI. "Adjacant" is corrected by "Adjacent"
NEW-#677 Inclusion of the "pluginjar" targer to the opensource built.xml …

3.2.5 Beta1

  • Enhancement: The antenna definition is now harmonised between CDMA/OFDMA and traditional. The horizontal antenna is now only definable in the range [0, 360].
  • ERROR: The collocated interfering link has been fixed (the angle definition was reversed) (
  • ERROR: The translation mode now support multi-interfering link scenario. (
  • Enhancement: The activity on Batch milestone has started

Various bugs:

NEW-#554 text filter missing; Added text: Type here to filter list of …
NEW-#552 Overloading is missing from batch output display
NEW-#555 background should remain constant for all the column in batch
NEW-#213 scaling of polar for horizontal, vertical and spherical. …
NEW-#616 possible to save/load antenna pattern as xls. New library …
NEW-#674 angle claculation in itVrColocated method inversed
NEW-#232 Antenna conversion - tri-sector selection corrected
NEW-#673 translation function not supporting multi-interfering link
NEW-#675 update of the ICE translation mode display


Before the version 3.2.4 was released the following fixes were tested:

3.2.4 Beta7 Various bugs:

NEW-#651new internet download page with registration form
Error#658antenna pattern azimuth for the interferer in cellular
Error#608extension of te relative positioning
Error#659hack removed from the comparison/sort function to allow proper display of the antenna pattern
NEW-#613implementation of P452 - final display panel
enhancement/fixing#559All input parameters to be reported
enhancement#661 propagation model panel cleaned up and introducing JScroll bar
Error#643 fixing cdma uplink mode for test
Enhancement#644 blocking terminology updated onthe interface
Enhancement#602 update the ScenarioInfo? to allow info.setCurrentEvent() in plugin

3.2.4 Beta6 Various bugs:

error#656Azimuth info (angle of It to Wr or Azimuth parameter) is not
error#278possible issue with uniform density and protection radius
error#655iRSS different for "correlated" or "non-correlated" scenario
error#653problem when omni is selected
error#426fix the issue with legacy scenario - the changed correlation
error#647drop down selection of library link level data fixed and editing datapoints for link level data is now fixed
enhancement#559All input parameters to be reported; post processing plugins
error#646in OFDMA DL, dropped users are used in the interference
error#649confusion between getNumberOfBaseStations() and …
enhancement#597median and STD are now saved

Milestone 3.2.x - Beta - Pack 3

error#593Restricting function values in the calculation of geometry
enhancement#608problem 1 solved. correlation mode copied from original
error#607uplink information is now passed when constructing new base

Milestone 3.2.x - Beta - Reporting

enhancement#557enable table style format for antenna pattern or spectrum mask when reporting
enhancement#556enable saving extension by default; added filter file types
enhancement#559All input parameters to be reported; for option: CSV(EXCEL)
enhancement#560Keep the XSDs of SEAMCAT always valid (including backwards compatibility)
enhancement#120Add doctype to HTML reports

Milestone 3.2.x - Beta - Pack 1

error#41Automated bugreporting in SEAMCAT
error#279progress bar when savig data

3.2.4 Beta3

error#581error in the graphic switches/displays in “log” and linear for the testing propagation model feature
error#559All input parameters to be reported - html ready for testing
error#560Keep the XSDs of SEAMCAT always valid (including backwards compatibility)
NEWenhancement#613implementation of P452
NEWenhancement#599remove the median loss button from propagation model

3.2.4 Beta 2

NEWenhancement#566For ECO use - Provide built-in library facilities
enhancement#598Warning message needed when loading the wrong library type
NEWenhancement#279progress bar needed when file are saved and/or SEAMCAT is closing down + estimated size of the file
NEWenhancement#41Automated bugreporting in SEAMCAT

3.2.4 Beta 1

NEWenhancement#506Library to be compatible with CDMA/OFDMA module
error#332SEAMCAT webstart does not work with Windows 7 OS and VMware (Ubuntu 10.10)
NEWenhancement#233Distribution of Vr samples to enable (X,Y) coordinates coordinates -->to be extended to IT
error#307“Co-locate” feature in SEAMCAT
NEWenhancement#315insert a combo box in the post-processing plug-in configurator
error#444problem to insert number when double in the post processing plugin configurator
enhancement#581Enhancing testing propagation model feature
error#154Update the CDMA pathloss calculations to include Antenna gains in the MCL calculations
NEWenhancement#426positioning of CDMA/OFDMA with respect to Vr
NEWenhancement#515emission floor not implemented in CDMA/OFDMA
NEWenhancement#533antenna pattern playing a role in the computation speed of CDMA/OFDMA
NEWenhancement#534make the wrap-around feature selectable by the user
NEWenhancement#561enhance the CDMA/OFDMA system layout
NEWenhancement#564CDMA output display to be consistent/harmonized with OFDMA display
NEWenhancement#255unwanted mask and receiver blocking mask location in dialog box CDMA-OFDMA
NEWenhancement#442update simulation details: insert bit rate information per UE
NEWenhancement#540CDMA results of optimum user should be display in the simulation summary
NEWenhancement#588add identification panel to CDMA/OFDMA module
error#591In CDMA capacity finding, number trials = 1 cause GUI to crash
enhancement#594CDMA units updated
enhancement#595dropped user display udpdated in Table Model for CDMA and OFDMA

Former fixes


Before the version 3.2.3 was released the following fixes were tested:

enhancement#586align hata model to rHm = 1m condition

3.2.3 Beta 6 The 3.2.3 Beta 6 version was deployed on -Monday, February 07. 2011 - and was superseeded by the version 3.2.3.

enhancement#576Exception message to be improved for each link in EGE
enhancement#577Exception message need to be activated in the test propagation ...
new/enhancement#275P1546-3 implementation
enhancement#578in P1546-1 and P1546-4 when perc.time=100 it is overwritten by ...
enhancement#579P1546-1 exception message needed fro Freq, dist, time %, Htx
enhancement#575Possible error in implementation of Hata model for distances
enhancement#580missing exceptions limitation to existing propagation model
error#582Interfering System Link coverage radius - noise limited
error#583Model Exception need to be passed for propagation model

3.2.3 Beta 5

error#546the "Modify" button when victim is selected is now fixed
error#545the "Edit" button in batch is now fixed
editorial#69an editorial was forgotten when porting 3.1.x to 3.2.x

3.2.3 Beta 4

error#503the hidden node margin is now removed from the GUI and the calculation

3.2.3 Beta 3

error#535The STD is now independent from the frequency when calculating the sRSS for one event
error#536The translation returns the right value when blocking is to be evaluated for variable Tx power

3.2.3 Beta 2

error#531Network edge: cell edge and center cell non-interferer bitrate results not consistent
error#438CDMA/OFDMA BS antenna height fixed for user-defined distribution
error#527unexplained 0dBm values into the simulation summary
NEWerror/enhancement#428ACLR -> to add a new field for the channel edge
NEWenhancement#445propagation plugin and postprocessing plugin are embedded into the workspace
NEWenhancement#275P1546-4 implemented as built-in propagation model
NEWenhancement#475results from translation feature can be saved
NEWenhancement#411antenna tilt implemented in CDMA/OFDMA module
NEWenhancement#179median is now present in the simulation summary
NEWenhancement#429new input field for the OFMDA power control
enhancement#521in P1546, the MedianLoss and variation are by default selected
enhancement#522default settings of the overloading mask changed to constant value
enhancement#524Library functionality are only accessible from the menubar (removed from tree-folder)
enhancement#517dRSS user defined radio button changed to allow import of WT from library when CR activated
enhancement#432"measure from entire cluster" input deselected from OFDMA since set to TRUE always
enhancement#430left over output field from CDMA removed from OFDMA
enhancement#436mobility input field removed from OFDMA since not in use
enhancement#516EIRP in block limit function title removed since redundant
editorial#476editorial in P1546
editorial#525harmonise thermal noise into noise floor
editorial#530in CDMA's Summary of last snaphsot box, the name of the system is now displayed
minor#523generate multiple window can now close at ESC


Before the version 3.2.2 was released the following fixes were tested:
3.2.2 Beta 1

  • #458: the generate mutiple does not cause SEAMCAT to hang

3.2.2 Beta 2

  • #477: the horizontal antenna pattern (CDMA/OFDMA) used in workspaces created in 3.2.0 can be changed without causing range exception
  • #479: the CDMA/OFDMA tabs have been put back to the top
  • #480: elevation angle is calculated and is now passed on to the method.
  • #482: implementation of a warning to block users from using batch operation with OFDMA/CDMA module
  • #483: the average but rate loss for the ref cell does not give NaN% anymore
  • #487: in the CR module, it is now indicated that a negative value gives a loss for the Hidden Node Margin.

3.2.2 Beta 3

  • #481 Bug 5: translation function not returning same value as for manual (issue created in beta version, not from official)
  • #486 Enhancement 1: Harmonization of angle convention between CDMA/OFDMA and traditional module.
  • #107 Implement consistency check to verify unwanted mask into ofdma system
  • #497 blocking mask inverted in CDMA/OFDMA
  • #478 Bug 2: CDMA target noise rise precision input parameter changing at saving/opening
  • #484 Bug 9: SEAMCAT slow to respond due to file heavy to load
  • #485 Bug 10: memory of the save/open path in antenna dialog box
  • #472 can you clean the xml error/warning message
  • #500 Optimize loading and saving of workspaces


Before the version 3.2.1 was released the following fixes were tested:
Please note that the errors reported in 3.2.0 (email from 6 May 2010 on SEAMCAT reflector) have been corrected and the fixes are available in the 3.2.1 official version.

List of tickets and their corrections:

  • Ticket #418: In traditional victim tabs, the shaded (x,y) fields in the Wt to Vr path tab are still active. This is corrected so that any shaded values are disabled, so that the positioning of the Vr with respect to the Wt is properly calculated.
  • Ticket #419: In CDMA/OFDMA, the Dyn. (Wtx à reference cell BS) feature uses the Vr as its reference.This is corrected for both UL and DL so that the reference point is the Wt as indicated to the user.
  • Ticket #420: In CDMA/OFDMA, the path distance factor is multiplied by the shaded simulation radius.This is corrected for both UL and DL so that the “Path distance factor” is changed to a “Path distance” and the simulation radius is still shaded and not used in the calculation. The distance between the Vr and the reference cell is the “Path distance”.
  • Ticket #421: The antenna radiation pattern of the Vr (traditional system) not read when OFDMA/CDMA is interferer. Note that OFDMA/CDMA versus OFDMA/CDMA is not affected by this error. This is corrected. The antenna radiation pattern at the Vr is now taken into account in azimuth and elevation.


SEAMCAT-3 was upgraded to 3.2.0 version (11 March 2010) with the following features:

  • OFDMA is now implemented in SEAMCAT using 3GPP LTE standard
  • Overloading feature has been implemented
  • CDMA snapshot vectors have been added to provided increased visibility to what SEAMCAT does
  • Multiple generate of interferer graphical interface has been changed
  • Enhancement to the ICE display